Wednesday, 1 October 2008


This beautiful blanket was crocheted by the talented Magdalena. The blanket took about two months to complete although she did knit other things in between. The little jumper was knitted by Magdalena using chenille yarn. As well as looking lovely it is very soft to the touch. Coming from Poland Magdalena knits very differently from the rest of the group. It's fascinating to watch and her method seems quicker than ours. One or two of us have tried to imitate it but with no luck. She is now onto her second blanket, this one is going to be knitted rather than crocheted.

Our knitting group started up about five or six months ago. We started off with four regular members and we now have around 14. We all get together and have coffee whilst knitting and chatting. We are all learning something from each other and there is always something interesting to see each week.

We aren't just knitters. We have a few cross stitcher's in the group. One member, Laura, uses each get together to work on her cross stitch. She is also the resident pom pom maker.

Janette, Val and Ginnie, as well as knitters, are quilters. Occasionally Janette and Val have brought along pieces of quilting they are working on instead. All three have also brought in photo's of their work to share with the group. Ginnie's other love is knitting socks. She doesn't knit anything else as it is easy to knit whilst travelling (she has knitted larger projects before). Ginnie has passed on this love to two other members, Helen and Ann. Ann has since sworn that she will also only knit socks. One or two other members have shown an interest (including myself) and may also have a go.

Our group expert is Gillian. Whenever anyone is needing help with knitting or crochet we pass them on to Gillian. She is also the only one of us who has spun her own yarn. Currently she is working on a lovely baby jacket and a shawl.

Other projects on the go are Julia's toy Santa, Isabel's baby cardigan, Helen's lovely lacey scarf, Laura's bookmark, Val's baby cardigan and Janette's cowl. Margaret's top and my hat.

Each week we will update this blog on everything that is going on in the group alongside one or two pictures. Not all posts will be written by myself. The rest of the group are excited about this blog and creating their own posts.

We also warmly welcome new members to the group. We are in Starbucks in Borders at the Glasgow Fort. Every Tuesday from 7.00pm. We will be breaking up for Christmas at the end of November. Hopefully we will continue to post and we will definitely be back in January.

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