Thursday, 9 October 2008

Some Finishes

As mentioned in the last post there were some finishes on Tuesday. Gillian was working on hats this week. Here Gillian is modelling the first hat she was working on. She had knitted it up during the week and spent a little time on Tuesday sewing it together. The yarn is lovely and soft as well as thick and cosy. Gillian then worked on a child's hat for the rest of the evening.

I mentioned before that Ginnie is our sock enthusiast and she is passing it on to other members of the group. Here we have lovely blue socks that she had been working on last week. The yarn has silk content making it lovely and soft. Ginnie can knit up 2-3 pairs of socks a week depending on how much travelling she has to do for work. the tiny pair were knitted by Magdalena. This is her first pair and she knitted them for the baby. They are very cute and look so tiny compared to Ginnie's. Magdalena went back to working on her baby blanket while Ginnie worked on a pink pair of socks.

Laura also got a finish. This is a bookmark she stitched for her mum. Laura had finished another one of these a while back for Val. Her mum, Helen, liked it and asked her to make her one in exchange for a knitted scarf. The photo doesn't show how lovely and neat all her stitches are (Laura is also one of the fastest stitchers I know). Afterwards she worked on a kit for Ginnie (in exchange for socks). I'll save a description of it for when it's finished as the photo will describe it better than myself.

I had also finished the hat I had been working on. I describe it as the ugliest hat in the world. However, it was what the person I knitted it for wanted. It's for a snowboarder and he wanted yellow and black to go with his jacket. He also wanted ear flaps and a pom pom. This is my second attempt as the first one didn't fit. I then made my first attempt at socks. Yes, it's spreading! I made a mistake straight away so spent the evening just practising knitting on the round with double pointed needles.

Also finished was the cardigan Isabel had worked on for her grandson. Her grandson is over in the States and the cardigan was sent out with family this weekend. Isabel is now knitting doll clothes for her grandaughter to send out at Christmas. Although she is itching to have a go at the lovely scarf Helen has been knitting.

Janette brought more stitching along to work on. Not the pink panels this time but very small blue ones. Val was onto the sleeves of her baby cardigan and Margaret was working on her top and Julia was working on the second boot for Santa. Helen had been at a parents evening so came along later for coffee and a chat. We also had two new members come along. Joyce was working on a baby cardigan for her grandson. The second new member dropped by briefly for some advice from Gillian but has promised to come back next week.

Again a reminder that we will be finishing up the last week in November but new members are more than welcome to come along. We always love seeing new faces and the projects everyone has going.

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