Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Getting Ready For Christmas

All was quiet at this weeks group. Probably recovering from the autumn challenge the week before. Although I do know that Ginnie was working and Val, Janette and Carol were at their quilting gathering. There were no finished projects to photograph. However, I did decide to take a photo of Linda's project which you can see above. It's a Santa sack for her daughter and is an ongoing project she has been working on since her daughter's first Christmas (she is now 12). Each year Linda stitches a new motif to represent the year. So part of the fun isn't just openning the gifts inside but looking to see what her mum has stitched. There are designs on there to represent her favourite toy that year or the fact she started school and even to show that she started dance lessons. I think this is a lovely idea and something she can keep when she is older.

The only good thing about it being quieter is that we could all listen in easily to conversation on each side and we could all see what everyone was working on. Dawn Marie had finished the throw she had been working on previously. She had even given it to her friend but forgot to bring it in first or take a photo. She is going to take a photo of it for us the next time she sees her friend. She is now working on a lovely crochet baby blanket using variegated yarn. Her mum was knitting a lovely scarf using that pom pom yarn. Her first attempt at using it. She started it that night and was half finished before she left. Elaine was crocheting a scarf using hot pink cotton. It's a gift for a friend (who almost spotted it when visiting recently). Isabel was working on little doll shoes to take over to her granddaughter. She is going over to visit her grandkids again in January. Roberta was crocheting a blanket. She decided to do it in two halves as when working on the first half it became too heavy to work with. She is using two strands of yarn in white and red. Joyce (who was unwell) worked on a sweater. She was using a lovely purple variegated yarn which gave the sweater a fair isle appearance. Julia was working on her lovely pink sweater which seems to be coming along. Gillian was crocheting a lovely blanket. Margaret was working on a blanket too. This one was in cream and involved stitching knitted motifs on top of the squares. Magdalena was working on a lovely red sweater for Adam. Speaking of which Adam was brought along to visit us as well as her daughter and older son by her husband. Adam just turned a year old on Monday and he ran to the group (and then proceeded to run away again). Hard to believe he was still crawling amongst us a few months ago. Lastly I was working on a pair of red socks for a friend.

I also interviewed Magdalena for the last member of the month for this year. I will post her interview at the end of the week. The first interview of 2010 will be our sock lady Ginnie.

A reminder that Tuesday will be our last day until January. I promise to bring along mince meat pies as a treat.

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