Monday, 23 November 2009

Magdalena - November MOTM

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Magdalena and I am 31 from Poland. I moved here about 2 1/2 years ago. I really enjoy living here. I used to be a dancing teacher but I actually wanted to be a physics teacher. Right now I enjoy being a housewife and raising my three children.

2. When did you learn to knit?

My mum tought me to knit when I was four or five and then my aunty tought me to crochet. When I was seven or eight my dad tought me embroidery. I have learned something from everybody.

3. What has been your proudest achievement?

Suzanna's Christening dress (pictured above). It was done in two nights. My mum was nervous and waiting for the phone call to go out and buy a dress. It is the finest wool I have ever worked with.

4. Biggest disaster?

My biggest disaster is probably that I have so many unfinished projects. I am always starting new ones. My mum brought back this beautiful yarn from a holiday. I was itching to get my hands on it so that I could make something with it. Finally my mum gave it to me. I knitted so many things with the yarn but was always unhappy with it so would unravel it and knit up into something else. Eventually I knitted a jumper I liked and gave it to a friend. The first time they wore it it got ripped. I call it cursed wool. I have also knitted many jumpers that didn't fit or in the end I didn't like the design.

5. What would be your ideal project?

I would love to crochet lace for my daughters wedding veil. Or even to be able to shorten my project list. I would also love to knit a fine lace shawl or table clothe. Something that could be passed down and would eventually become and heirloom.

6. List of favourites;

favourite colours - I love all colours apart from mustard/brown. I love playing with colour and one is never enough.
Favourite yarn - I love blends. There is a polish wool which is 50% merino and 50% acrylic. If feels just like cotton. I like anything that seems to knit by itself
favourite patterns - I don't use patterns
Favourite designer - again I tend not to follow designers but make things up as I go
Favourite online shop - There are 2 Polish ones. (which sells the yarn I love) and zamotan (which means tangled) which has a great choice in colour.
store - none but one day I will open my own as shops these days are either too expensive or don't have the range. There is a small shop in the west end which is lovely and has lots of local yarn but it's expensive. I couls spend all day there.
favourite book - Debbie Bliss - natural baby knits or knits for little angels. It's simple with great photo's. I also love a blog which reads like a book. It's sew soul mama which is updated every day and is mostly about crafts natural and organic.

7. What other crafts do you enjoy?

All of them. With hobbycraft openning I have discovered more. I love beading, crochet, quilting and cooking. I wish I could also paing. I would love to build a home from scratch. I can't buy when I know I could make it myself.

8. Any hints/tips for other knitters?

When something has to be sewn leave a long tail when casting on and use it for stitching. It saves a lot of weaving. If you can avoid seems do everything you can.

9. What do you like to listen to or watch whilst crafting?

I would rather have something on TV. Movies like Pride and Prejudice. Films I can see women at work (crafting). I also love romantic comedies. I love Meg Ryan as she always has great jumpers. I also like Stargate and West Wing.

10. What non craft books do you enjoy reading?

A lot of polish. My favourite authors are Joanna Chmielewska (like Agatha Christie but more down to earth). I also like Andrzey Pilipiuk and Andrzey Sapkowski which are more like fantasy fiction. I also love Harry Potter and Orson Scott Card.

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Hopefully someone will read this. Could Karen get in touch with me (Dawn Marie) I was to email her with a photo but don't have her email address. Really sorry to hear about Borders, such a shame, hope something turns up. Alex heard in work today that Waterstones are rumoured to be buying some of the stores that have good sales, so hopefully Karen will still have a job and they might let us carry on with the group. Fingers crossed on both. Dawn Marie.xx