Monday, 9 November 2009

Gillian - October Member of the Month

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am over 21 and I like a challenge. I like working with the public. I have worked in retail, trained as a secretary, hairdresser, cook and worked with animals. I have a close affinity to animals. I have two horses, a German Sheppard, a Russian Terrier and I will soon be getting a cat.

2. Where/how did you learn to knit?

M mum taught my brother and I when I was four. I didn't always have wool so used string to practise. Same with crochet. First thing I remember finishing was a bright orange teddy when I was five. I have been knitting on and off for years. When we moved to Ayrshire we got snowed in and only had 2 Icelandic jumpers mum had started. Ever since I have always had something on the pins.

3. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the last baby shawl I did (photographed and blogged a while back). It turned out the best out of the six I have done and took the least amount of time to finish. Started in January and was finished by Easter. Biggest project was an Aran which I had to spin and knit. Took about four and a half months. I also knitted socks for Paul O'Grady

4. What was your biggest disaster?

A palm tree Jersey made by bought wool. The weight brought the length down and turned out I was allergic to the green dye.

5. What is your next challenge?

I have a Rowan book filled with throws. There are two designs done in brown and cream. It is 40 by 39 squares. I also plan to hand spin the yarn for it. It's a big job.

6. Favourites.

Favourite colours - green, cream and pink
Designers - Depends; Debbie Bliss, Kaffe Fassett but his are two time consuming
Pattern - I like most and have no real preference. I do like arans and shawls
shop - woolfest - it has pure wool can't buy in shops. I also get fleeces from there.
Online - I have never bought anything online. I am just getting into the Internet
Magazine - yarn forward/spin off - both are informative and technical
yarn - blue faced Lester and possum, alpaca, Shetland natural fibres
book - don't really have a favourite. I like a variety
product - my needles

7. Any tips for other knitters?

If you make a mistake just rip it out and start again. Don't get frustrated. Ask for help if you need it.

8. What other crafts do you do?

I have tried my hand at jewelry making, bead work, sewing, spinning, clipping horses for shows and winters, cooking.

9. What do you watch/ listen to while knitting?

I watch CSI, home show, Grand designs and educational programmes. I also like The Hour, Kim and Aggie, Antiques Roadshow. I like the discovery Chanel's

10. What is your favourite non crafty book?

I love the Harry Potter books, all of them.

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