Saturday, 8 January 2011

We're Back!

It was good to be back on Tuesday and although it was a quiet night it was still good to catch up and see what everyone was working on. Helen proudly showed us her finished table runner. She cashed in one of the vouchers we made her for her retirement and Val taught her quilting. She is very proud of it and quite right too. Unfortunately she now has the quilting bug and is already planning her next one. Glutton for punishment she also has plans to cash in her next voucher which involves crocheting a baby blanket with Donna.

This lovely baby blanket was crocheted by Linda. She set it off by sewing satin ribbon to the seems. It would have been pretty on it's own but the satin edging really sets it off. This is going into her show box charity. It just so happens that this is our next charity. Watch out for details on what the charity involves and what Linda needs. The good thin is that it doesn't have to be knitting so if you are a stitcher there will be something you can do.

Caroline has started a tradition in work. She knits Christmas tree decorations and places a chocolate inside. This year it was Christmas tree's. She was then asked by her colleagues what they were getting next year. Stumped for all of five minutes she came up with Christmas baubles. This one is the first and even has it's chocolate inside already. She is also currently working on a doll for a friends baby. Not liking the traditional primary colours she has decided to adapt it. I can't wait to see it finished.

Dawn has been back at her card making. She made this lovely Christmas card for Donna. We are all trying to convince her to sell her cards but so far no joy. Who wouldn't want one of these lovely cards? She has decided that this year is the year of me (or rather herself). All her crafting skills are usually used to make something for someone else. This year she is (and quite right too) going to make things for herself. She is starting with a lovely red hat and scarf set.

Anyone else got any crafting New Years resolutions?

As well as the charity I also have plans for our next challenge. We didn't do the autumn one but there will be a spring challenge. Watch out for that one.

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