Saturday, 22 January 2011

CanCan Yarn!

Apologies to Caroline who thought I had given her homework (ie get the doll done so we can see it, lol). She did finish her though and she is lovely! I love the colours she picked out. I have to admit that I prefer the purples to the bold primary colours the pattern suggested. I especially like the use of the self striping yarn. Makes her more original. Having finished her Caroline is now back to her latch hook cushion.

Isobel finished this lovely cardigan on Tuesday night. I have a soft spot for cables and love it on this cardigan. Again, also love the self striping yarn. I could be wrong but I think Isobel mentioned moving on to a cardigan for herself next.

Dawn finished her lovely mittens. All done in crochet. She is now working on the hat and scarf to match. Love the colours and the yarn is unbelievably soft.

Dawn's mum, Moira, but some of that yarn I was talking about last week. With the help of Magdalena she worked out how to actually knit with it and says it's easier than you think. I took some photo's in the hopes that it would help others. As you can see it knits up quite nicely. I have a feeling a few others in the group will be picking up this yarn.

I can now reveal our challenge which will take place on the 12th April. The challenge theme is "All About Me". I took inspiration from another member. Everyone mainly knits or crafts for other people. I thought this would be a good opportunity for you to do something for yourself. The challenge is to make something that says something about you. It can be something you have been meaning to do but gifting to others have always got in the way. Or maybe to learn to do something you have always wanted to do. There are two categories as always original design or adapted design and one from each will receive £25 vouchers from Hobbycraft. Helen has also give some other vouchers as an extra prize so there will be a third runner up.

I can also give more information about our Gartmore weekend. It's the last weekend in May. Deposits have to be in by the 1st Feb. If you haven't received an info sheet just asked. We are hoping to have some classes again. Donna has offered another crochet class. Isobel has offered to do a sewing clinic. Bring any sewing project along you are having difficulty with and she is happy to help. Dawn has requested a sock class. If anyone has anything they would like to teach or learn just let me know and we will see what we can do.

June is back with us and feeling lots better which means next week I get to interview her for member of the month.


Craftyanny said...

I've searched high and low for some cancan yarn. Do you know where I can buy some.

Karen said...

We got it from Hobbycraft. The Glasgow Fort branch had some left yesterday but only in the green. Not sure if you can buy from them online.