Saturday, 19 February 2011


How lovely is this shawl? This was knitted by Donna. She has taken up Dawn's mantle and is making this year a year of me. Quite right too as, like most members, Donna is usually knitting for someone else. So this beautiful shawl is for herself. In saying that she is now working on some baby things as a few friends are expecting.

Roberta finished her scarf using the can can yarn. She actually managed to get two out of the one ball. The other one was gifted to Joyce. It really is lovely all knitted up. She also passed on the bug as Margaret and Magdalena were working on their one can can scarves in different colours. Roberta is now working on a lovely crochet through.

A few weeks back I posted a link to a website you could buy the cancan yarn from. Caroline had a looksie and ended up buying a Katia yarn. It's knitted in a similar way to the can can but this one has large loops. I think she may have even offered to knit another for Alison. If you are knitting with this be careful as Caroline says the stitches can fall off either end of the needle and picking them back up again is a nightmare. She is now working on another doll for a friend.

Linda also had a finish for us. She knitted this lovely Cowl. Not sure what the yarn is but it's extremely soft. She is now working on a scarf for the shoebox appeal.

I even have a couple of finishes to show. I crocheted a blanket for my sister (blaming Donna for my granny square addiction) and a pair of socks also for my sister. I spent the evening working on another pair of socks for my mum.

Joyce was working on some lovely baby clothes in blues. I also spied some more baby yarn on the table for when she is finished with those. Isabel was learning to crochet different squares for a blanket with the help of Isobel (gets confusing I know). June was also working on a granny square blanket. This one for a baby. Isobel and Alison were both working on lovely knitted jackets. Dawn started a Cowl to match her mitts and hat. Elaine was working on a scarf for the shoebox appeal.

Speaking of the appeal. Big thanks to Annee from the Glasgow Fort and of course Barratts shoes who are helping us with unwanted shoe boxes.

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