Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Two Weeks In One!

Apologies for the delay. Had some problems with blogger and then when that was fixed my trusty laptop decided to play up. Not to worry, it's all fixed now and I can finally upload everyones finishes from the last two weeks. Big congrats to Helen who finished her first quilt. It truly looks amazing! After a few lessons on how to use her sewing machine she played about with different stitching methods. The end result is amazing. She did something similar with the quilted book cover she made as a birthday present. She used variegated thread for that one.

Dawn made this amazing card for the Glasgow Fort team from ourselves. It was to say a big thank you for our birthday vouchers. She's outdone herself I think.

Josephine is back and her exams are all finished. She's been getting some help from Dawn with a crochet blanket. Meanwhile she finished this lovely baby set also in crochet.

I have to confess I have noticed Elaine and Linda working on these the last few weeks and have been wondering what they are doing. Their work recently moved office and so they made little name hangings for it. I know the photograph doesn't show but the lettering is done in cross stitch.

Last but not least we have some scarves for the shoe box charity. Roberta made another one using the fluffy black yarn. The others were by Margaret who took the opportunity to use up some yarn she had lying around.

More excitingly we have Gartmore this weekend! Prepare for lots of photo's! There are going to be three classes this time rather than two. There are also a few people coming along who couldn't make it last time. I think it's a safe bet that we are all looking forward to it!

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