Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Gartmore Part 2

Apologies as this post has quite a lot of photographs. Believe it or not this is me being strict with how many I am posting. After dinner Elaine was going to give a class on making sugar flowers. Elaine is our very talented cake decorator. Before the class though you can see June taking advantage of the light coming through those big windows

It was also time for Jan's dinner.

Elaine's friend had also come along for the class.

These are an example of some of the flowers Elaine has made. All out of sugar. The thistle in the middle was from the cake she made from our first challenge.

Elaine starts by showing us some of the items she uses. She had already prepared the wire with buds for the stem and centre of the flowers.

She uses icing sugar to stop the icing from sticking to the perspex.

After cutting out the flower shape she uses a sponge and roles it round the edges to make the smoother.

This is the first one attached to the bud.

After building up layers of the flower it should look like this.

For the carnation Elaine cuts out three different sizes of the same shape. You don't need to smooth the edges of this one.

When the layers have been attached the carnation should look like this.

Once the sugar glue (also edible) dries Elaine then adds some colour.

Unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the colour but this is what it should look like when finished.

Alison was the first to go up and have a go. She is currently smoothing the edges of the first flower shape.

Patsy was next. Here she is having cut out the first flower shape.

Roberta was the only other brave soul to have a go. Here she is adding some sugar glue.

Alison proudly showing off her finished rose. You wouldn't know this was her first attempt. I'm afraid that I didn't get finished photo's of the others. Hopefully I will be able to when Elaine drops them off to them tonight.

The rest of the evening was spent knitting and chatting with another tea break in between. It wasn't long before some of us trooped off to bed although I think some stayed chatting until 1am.

Next post will be about Sunday and lessons from the lovely Donna.

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