Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Gartmore Part 3

On Sunday, after a large breakfast, we eventually got together for another lesson. Donna was back again this year teaching us more crochet methods.

Some of us had requested to learn how to crochet hexagons. So Donna picked out one that used a very similar method to the granny square. She also had patterns for Pentagons, granny stripes and a ripple. She even had some samples for us. We were nicer to her this year and she even said we were better than some of her classes (Donna is a maths teacher). I have to admit we all very much enjoy Donna's lessons.

Patsy was the first up with a successful finish. She had a go at a Pentagon. Although I haven't got a photo she also successfully tried the ripple.

Helen decided to try the granny stripes. It really stands out with the yellow and blue.

Roberta also tried the granny stripes using the same yarn as Helen.

Alison tried the granny stripes pattern too. Hers was a little bit different. She used self striping sock yarn. This meant she didn't have to bother with colour changes to get a striking effect.

I attempted a very out of shape hexagon using 4 ply cotton. I then couldn't resist also trying the granny stripe. It seemed to be a favourite with everyone.

Magdalena had a go at the ripple which looked lovely in white, purple and green. She even stitched it into this lovely little pouch.

Helen then had a go at a different pattern and crocheted this lovely Pentagon.

Margaret tried the ripple too and plans on continuing with it. She's now crocheting a scarf in yellows and white.

I don't have any photo's but Dawn did a hexagon in purples. Also, Elaine did a ripple in purple and then a hexagon in a flecked yarn. It was definitely good fun and who's betting that we talk Donna into giving another class next year.

There were also some impromptu classes going on. Donna had got some coupons for a card making kit. She then enlisted the help of Dawn to show her how to do some of it. In the end Elaine commissioned her to make a card (you'll see it on the next post).

Isobel had offered to help anyone with their sewing projects if they brought them along. Almost like a sewing surgery. In the end she gave Helen and Donna a lesson on some quilting methods.

The rest of the Sunday was spent relaxing after a rather large lunch. Most of us continued with trying the crochet whilst one or two got on with projects they had brought with them. There were some knitting finishes over the weekend which I will show in the next (and last) Gartmore update.

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