Monday, 6 June 2011

Home away from home.

Before I start with this weeks update I thought I would show you something that Dawn brought along for us to see. Can you guess what this tool is used for?

The conference room we usually use is in use for the next few weeks. However, the Fort management kindly set us up in their reception area. It's actually quite nice. Easier to see what everyone is working on.

Having taken away some of Donna's patterns Helen decided to use up some Rowan tweed yarn she had lying around to make the granny square shawl. It turned out lovely and well done to Helen who did it without the help of Donna.

Magdalena has quite a large family and for a while now she has been thinking about the problem of organising her towels. She decided to personalise them so that everyone in her family would know which towels were theirs. She used cross stitch to add the initial of everyone on them. Fantastic idea.

As promised I was able to get a photo of Roberta's finished sugared Rose. Elaine had brought them along for her to take home.

There was even an impromptu knitting lesson. Roberta is helping Sheena here. Sheena is knitting baby bootee's since she is going to be an aunty soon.

I also continued with my sock knitting class. Elaine has now reached the heel and this is her progress so far. Love the colours she chose.

If you haven't guessed it already the tool Dawn brought along is for winding yarn and it's called a Niddy-nosty. It's more economical than the usual yarn winders if you don't buy that many hanks. Also handy for those balls of yarn that have a habit of unwinding and then tangling. If your mind went straight to the gutter then I can honestly say you aren't the only one. There was much laughter on Tuesday.

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