Thursday, 30 June 2011

Good Luck Sheena!

Our Sheena is getting married next week. Congratulations Sheena! We celebrated by giving her some vouchers. We won't tell if she decides to spend it all on yarn, honest! Sheena is also our member of the month (yep, I know it's been a while but these are still going on). I will post the interview in a few days.

Since we are planning on a sewing class soon Helen brought examples of what she is going to teach. These are Japanese bags. Perfect for little gifts.

Donna's sister just got engaged. She asked Dawn to make a card for her and once again she out did herself. Donna might actually not want to part with it. I suggested giving a photo of the card instead and keeping the real thing.

Sheena also had a finish. These are bootees she has made for Aileen. This is Sheena's first attempt at knitting.

And we also have a finished sock by Elaine. I taught her to knit socks over the Gartmore weekend with some extra lessons over the last few weeks. As Ginnie gave her, her first lesson last year it was really just a reminder. Most of the sock she did herself. She's already halfway through the second one so I will soon be able to show you a finished pair.

We also had yet another new member. Liz'z friend, Joanne, came along. She was doing some embroidery.

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