Thursday, 2 June 2011

Gartmore Part 4

This is the part where I show off the finishes everyone brought along or did that weekend. First of all we have Margaret who brought along her lovely red shawl.

I've been loaning Helen books recently. As a thank you she made me my very own book bag/cover. She used her sewing machine to try out different stitches. I love it! You have no idea how excited I was to now be a proud owner of one of these. If you look at the second photo you can see a great touch she added to it.

Donna brought along her half granny square shawl which she had finished. She used a self striping yarn which worked out perfectly. This was also used as a sample for her crochet class.

Helen finished a pair of socks in lovely shades of blue. These are for herself to replace some of her other knitted socks which are well used. She then started on another pair.

Over the last few weeks Donna has been working on baby items for friends. She spent part of her weekend sewing in ends and stitching seems in order to get them finished. This is a lovely baby hat she did.

Lovely white baby blanket.

The baby hat again but this time in white.

Baby blanket in self striping yarn.

You have already seen this but I thought I would show it again. This is the pouch Magdalena made from the practise crochet piece.

This is the card Donna made for Elaine after her quick lesson from Dawn.

There was one other finish but I can't show it as yet. I have one last post to put up and I promise that's it from Gartmore. The last one is just some scenery on the rare times the rain let us out.

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