Sunday, 12 June 2011

Knit in Public Day at Hobbycraft Glasgow Fort

Knitty greeting to you today. I hope you are all well, and managed to enjoy Knit in Public day as much as we did. Unfortunately, our fearless leader Karen couldn't make it due to family commitments hence the reason why I (Dawn) am standing in to write the post and take the pics. Yes, I am in charge! (insert evil laugh here) so, I've decided to post a pic of our Karen who was sadly missed yesterday at the event.

The lovely Hobby Craft staff set us up just at the bottom of the stairs, there were quite a few of us (think they were surprised so many turned up)and we soon had commandeered all of the chairs in the whole shop. Helen and Elaine had brought some copies of our group poster, telling people a little about the group and where we could be found if they would like to join us. Helen was particularly enthused by this thought and proceeded to stalk (in the nicest possible way of course) anyone who showed even the slightest interest in our group, she got quite a few shoppers interested and kept the rest of us amused greatly with her idea's to put our leaflets in amongst the wool and various magazines and books in the knitting section.

A few of us brought along finished pieces to arrange on the table set up for us by the staff, we also added our group info, some knitting,craft and crochet magazines and Hobbycraft leaflets. It really was like a mini meeting of our group just in a different location with a few less members.

The General Manager of Hobby Craft, George was very pleased at how many of us took part in the Knit day, and said we would definitely have to do it again, so this may become a more regular occurence. George also took a few photo's to send to Hobby Craft head office, and told us of how much they like getting involved in local projects. They already have several schools involved in various craft projects and how well they are being received. We managed (twisted his arm more like!)to tempt George into trying a little knitting too.

Donna had a little impromtu crochet class, when a prospective new group member, June showed an interest in Donna's gorgeous granny squares. Here is Donna teaching June the basic beginning of granny goodness.

June did great and we are hoping to see her at the group on Tuesday evening.

So that was our Knit in Public day, and I think it went very well. We had a great time in Hobby Craft, the staff were wonderful, made us all feel welcome and gave us two HUGE bags of goodies which will no doubt bo oooed and ahhhed over on Tuesday.

I've really enjoyed documenting our day. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading it too.

With regards Dawn.x

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Karen said...

That sounded like fun. Really sorry I missed it. Will definitely have to be there next time. x