Wednesday, 22 June 2011


We had two more baby finishes by Margaret this week. A friend in work has asked her to knit some baby clothes for her grandchild which is why she has been working on so many. This week she knitted two lovely baby cardigans with cute buttons. She got the patterns from one of our swap nights. She also knitted this lovely flower broach. Margaret is now working on another baby jacket.

Sheena also had a finish. She knitted a baby bootee. This is her first attempt at knitting. Well done Sheena for knitting something complicated on her first go. She is going to use finer yarn to knit them again so that it turns out in a smaller size.

Our little group is also growing. We had two more new members. First of all Rhona's youngest, Freya, came along as she wants to learn lots of crafts. On Tuesday she was learning to cross stitch. We also had Liz along who learned about the group through national knitting day. She is knitting a jacket.

Believe it or not I managed to make a list of what everyone was working on this week. Moira was knitting a baby blanket using snowflake yarn. Joyce was knitting a cute smock baby jacket. Rhona was working on a baby cardigan using self striping yarn. Caroline was knitting a purple shawl. Isobel was sewing up a baby cardigan that Alison had knitted. Alison was knitting a jumper. Stephanie was knitting a baby top. Aileen was working on a Mr Men alphabet cross stitch. June was crocheting a granny square blanket using self striping yarn. I was knitting socks as was Dawn who was learning to turn the heel.

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