Thursday, 16 June 2011

Our Five Minutes of Fame!

Just after Christmas I was contacted by a lady who writes for knitting magazine Knit Today. She asked if I would mind doing a little interview for our group. Of course I didn't mind and so answered some questions and sent in some photographs. That interview is now out in this months interview. I did photograph it but the lovely Alison scanned it into her computer which meant we can see it more clearly. Have a look and see who you can spot. The magazine only came out last weekend so it should still be in the shops.

Aileen finished her first crochet blanket. She used lovely self striping yarn for the centre. She then stitched some satin round the border. I love the little coloured corners. She is now working on a MR Men alphabet cross stitch design also for the baby's room.

Margaret finished this lovely yellow baby cardigan. The little buttons are bears which sets it off. She is now working on another baby cardigan for a friend.

Magdalena plans to make all the kids in her family a quilt. First up is Adam who is obsessed with the Teletubbies (he associates colour with the teletubbies). So Magdalena made this beautiful quilt for him. I love the jigsaw like pattern in the middle. She finished this just at the end of the night.

A big thank you to Hobbycraft at the Glasgow Fort. As a thank you for going along to the store on Saturday for National Knitting Day they sent us some goodies. I couldn't even begin to list what they sent but everyone went away with something. There was even lots of fabric which you can see us cutting up. Should come in handy when we get out sewing lesson from Isobel.

We had two new members along. Rhona found us through our blog. She has been looking for a knitting group to join for a while now. She is currently knitting little squares. She stitches them into blankets and then hands them into a local nursing home. June found us after coming along on Saturday (you can see Donna teaching her in the last post). She was continuing with her crochet lessons and doing a lovely job.

Also a big thank you to Annee. She sent us some sweets as a thank you for the baby shower. They were very much appreciated and we are glad she had a good time.

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