Saturday, 5 May 2012

Raffle Winners!

If you remember about this time last year I did an interview on behalf of the group for Knit Today magazine. As a thank you we received some books. Of course we are a rather large group so it took me a while to come up with an idea on a fair way to distribute them. We eventually decided to raffle them off and to give the money to Linus. This is a charity that Val helps organise. They make quilts for very sick kids and the quilts from Val's district goes to Yorkhill. We managed to raise £43 among our group and this will help pay for materials. Val came along and did the honours as well as contributing a box of Thorntons chocolates to the raffle. Alison, June, Margaret, Linda, Freya and Elizabeth were all lucky winners. Well done ladies!

Val also brought along something she made herself. She has problems with reading the print of books so her daughter and friend kindly gave her a kindle. That way she can adjust the print. She made this lovely kindle cover using machine embroidery. Looks very effective. Val has also been working on a Japanese folded patchwork piece.

Izzi is at it again. Coming up with new ideas. She bought a pack of those metal bangles and then crochet yarn onto them. She then picked up the stitches and continued knitting until she had finished this lovely wee bag. This is going into the shoe box charity.

Everyone was intrigues by this and she gave a few lessons. Here Izzi is showing Margaret how to crochet onto the bangles.

Margaret also had a finish herself. She knitted these lovely red socks (which was funny as there has been a discussion going on as to what it means to wear red thanks to Isabel). Margaret was also working on a cream top.

Freya had another finish this week. She seems to be trying a new craft all the time. This beautiful butterfly was done in long stitch. I am not sure what she is working on now. I can tell you it involves polystyrene and sequence.

Miriam has also been trying out new things. First of all she is still practicing her knitting. How beautiful is her first attempt at cable knitting? I wish my first attempt had looked as good as that. She has also tried to learn some crochet. It looks like a little hat!

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