Friday, 18 May 2012

Two In One

This is two weeks in one due to my hectic schedule over the past few weeks. I can only apologise but it will be a while before things lighten up. In the meantime I will do my best to post photo's when I can. I actually have a few guest posts coming up so that's something for you to look forward to. First of all, last week Magdalena made these amazing biscuits for us. It was a thank you for sponsoring her. She was doing along with the kids for the playgroup. As much as we were happy to do it these biscuits did not last long on the plate. I was lucky to get a photo.

We are actually showcasing here some work by a friend of the group. Elaine's friend makes these amazing teramundi pots. Not just decorate but make! Anyone who has ever had a teramundi pot knows that the pot is sealed in it's entirety so that you have to smash it open in order to get at the money inside. Well, these ones have stoppers at the bottom. Which is just as well. Who would want to smash something that so much work went into. Elaine bought these pots from her friend for two communions.

Isabel has been busy with her famous wee projects. A friend of her family has just had a tiny baby girl and so Isabel knitted a bunny egg cosy. Both Dawn and Isabel have knitted them before. I love the pinks in this one. She also knitted these tiny little baby bootees which go perfectly with the bunny.

Stephanie is at it again. She knitted the lovely pink and red suit. I love the lace pattern and I have to say that the little hat is my favourite. So pretty that it's going into Stephanie's famous box filled with knitted goodies. One day we will get her to put something on display.

I wasn't there on Tuesday but I did get a hold of some photo's. First of all Isobel finished knitting another of her bags with bangle handles. Amelie was the lucky recipient and you can see just how delighted she was with it. I have heard that she wouldn't put it down. Plus, how grown up does she look now?

Freya has once again been a busy bee. She decorated these lovely boxes with decoupage. She definitely has a talent for that craft. I don't think I can choose which of the two I like best. I love the sheet music papers and yet love the decorations on the heart. Look forward to seeing what she makes next.

Jean has mastered the art of granny squares. After learning only a few weeks ago she finished this lovely blanket. I love the colours. Wonder if we have another granny square addict on our hands.

Margaret was the volunteer photographer this week. She even managed to take a photo of a top she has not long finished. The yarn has a silky sheen to it and turned out lovely. Although I believe that it was a nightmare to carry around as it tangled in her bag. I love the edging.

We also had a few finishes for the shoe box charity. Both Stephanie and Alison knitted these lovely hats. I am sure the recipients will be delighted. Which reminds me, if anyone would like to knit for the charity I am sure Linda would be happy to accept them.

Next post up will be by Helen which I will post tomorrow all being well. Elaine and Linda organised a trip to Perth racecourse for a knitting show. I hear it was very good fun and look forward to sharing Helen's post with everyone.

This weekend is our annual Gartmore trip. Alas, I am unable to make it. So hope everyone is thinking of me on the hospital wards while they are knitting away. The good news is that my gran is taking my place and she is very much looking forward to it. Isabel is also going along for the first time (she has been visiting her grandkids in the states the last few times) and she has volunteered to take photo's and to write a little about it. Will be nice to hear someones else's perspective.

And, we have a baby shower a week on Tuesday for Donna to look forward to (which I will be there for).

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