Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Look at the Pretty!

Lots of pretty finishes in this post. First of all how lovely is this pink tutu. The top was bought but Kathleen made the actual tutu with no sewing involved. It was made with tulle which have cut into strips and then attached to elastic using a simple loop to keep it on. Very effective and so pretty.

Lyn made this beautiful wedding card. It's not really a card but more of a keepsake with all those wonderful layers. I can imagine any new couple hanging on to this as a reminder of their day.

A few years ago Helen, Isabel, Margaret and myself all knitted these scarfs with noro yarn. Poor Isabel loved hers but left it somewhere. She was on holiday a few weeks ago and there was a yarn shop which had noro yarn on sale. She saw that as a sign to knit herself a replacement. The colours aren't the same but I think this one is lovely. Don't think she will be losing it this time.

Margaret now has one finished cushion. She finished crocheting all her squares together during the week. The colours go lovely together.

We have another doily finished from the crochet class back on our craft day. This lovely doily was finished by Roberta. I don't know how she manages it as she has so many other projects on the go. Beautifully done.

These squares were also by Roberta. This was after one quick lesson last week. I love the purple and white together.

Elaine has also started attaching squares just to see what it looks like. Very effective with the black and white.

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