Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Warning! This Post Contains Lots of Finishes!

 Yep, we have a lot of finished projects this week. First off Magdalena had finished quite a few. The first is a lovely pink top for her daughter Zuzanna. As you can see she loves it as pink is her favourite colour. She also finished crocheting some pot holders which look fantastic. I would be worried they got dirty. Lastly Magdalena finished this lovely quilt for her youngest son. I love all the images on the fabric. He loves it so much he has been using it already.

Freya also had some more finishes for us. She is loving working with decoupage. She finished decorating this giraffe and this lovely box.

Miriam has been mainly working on cross stitch but she also tried her hand at knitting. This is her first attempt at it. Pretty impressive I think. She even managed colour changes.

Alison didn't get the chance to make bags at the craft day. So because of that and as a thank you for saving her scissors, Izzi made her three lovely bags.

Alison also had a finish herself and again this is from craft day. She finished the crochet sampler from Magdalena's crochet doily lesson. Looks lovely in pink.

 Linda finished knitting these lovely cowls. At one point I thought people were going to wrestle her for them. I love the buttons added to them. These are going into her shoe box charity.

I don't know if you remember but Donna had a card making kit at Gartmore last year. She got it out last week and finished this lovely card. She hasn't decided who it's for yet but whoever gets it is going to love it.

Dawn Marie finished her second pair of socks! These are for her mum and as she already had them on her feet Dawn kindly allowed me to copy her photo of them (can't blame her mum). I love the colours in them. Fingers crossed Dawn will make another pair but this time for herself.

I kept going with my crochet lesson too. You can see Margaret here working on crocheting her squares together.

Margaret has actually finished enough squares to put together her cushion which is why she was putting them together.

Dawn Marie also had a finished square. I love these colours. Will look fantastic when they are all stitched together.

Roberta had missed the lesson the week before because she was being taught scrapbooking from Helen. So she started one on Tuesday there and finished it too. She kept to the same yarn which was a variegated yarn. Made for an interesting effect.

Elaine also finished her square. I love the black and white together.

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