Saturday, 7 April 2012

We're All About the Bags

Yep, we are all about the bags this week. Caroline has another great gift idea for Easter. She has been making these cute felt bags to give to friends and family. This one with the bunny she brought along already finished but was working on more.

She also had the fantastic idea of using cookie cutters as stencils. Personally I love this idea.

This is the bag she was working on on Tuesday night. The yellow chick goes well with the purple. The flowers also just set it off (big thank you to Lyn and the team at Hobbycraft for those).

She has also finished a blue one with contrasting stitching. These are all stitched by hand and beautifully done too. Caroline emailed me the photo's as they will be going to people this weekend. Last I heard she was working on getting more finished.

As you know Roberta has been learning to scrapbook. Helen has been showing her a different page layout every week. She made this bag to carry her album and goodies in. I love the fabric.

Margaret also finished her black top. Sadly we didn't quite have the weather for it this week but it does look good. She is now working on some socks which will be her second pair.

I was also working on stitching up this cushion on Tuesday. It's also an Easter present so I won't be able to bring it along on Tuesday to show everyone.

I also finally ordered some business cards for the group. We had some back when we were in Borders. Obviously the details on those are out of date and I have been meaning to get new ones for a while. They have our blog details on the back so they are ideal for handing out to new members. They have arrived and I will bring them along on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'd love to come along to your night. I am a very determined new knitter (always out of my depth and totally confused - ha!). Currently working on a jumper that looks relatively simple (!) I volunteer on Tuesdays though so can I come a bit later - about half past?

Karen said...

Of course you can. We are there until 8.30pm anyway. We would love you to come along!