Saturday, 31 March 2012

Scrapbooking With Helen

How great is this photo of Roberta? Can't remember what we were all laughing about but it made for a fantastic pic. The point of the pic is the hat and scarf that Roberta is modelling. She knitted this whilst travelling on the train that day and has given the set to Linda for her shoebox charity. I just love those colours.

A while back I had given Helen some scrapbook supplies that I wasn't going to use anymore. As a thank you she made this lovely card. I love how it all comes together.  This definitely has pride of place.

Anthea has been working on a crochet blanket for a few weeks now and she has just finished it. It's for her girls when they snuggle up to watch TV. It's made entirely out of scrap yarn from her own yarn basket and donated from family members. The colours truly go well together and I love the border. She has even lined it.

More finishes from craft day. These Sashiko coasters were made by Alison. Two of them have been photographed before but she has now finished the full set. They look amazing. I am sure that Val will be proud.

The second of the craft day finishes is this doily crocheted by Donna. Magdalena was so excited to see someone else had finished something from her class. This is the same pattern that others have done but looks stunning in white. More delicate somehow.

Helen also gave Roberta a scrapbook lesson. Roberta has thousands of photo's at home and after the craft day lesson she wanted more on how to put together simple pages. Helen volunteered and brought in one of her own albums as an example. It was a way for Roberta to see different ways of putting more than one photo on a page.

Here Helen is describing different ways that her page could be layed out after chosing her colours and frames for the photograph.

Alison watches on as she also plans to have another shot at scrapbooking.

This is Roberta's final page. A simple layout but very effective.

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