Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gartmore at Home the Final - crochet with Magdalena

Remember this? This beautifully, delicate crochet was done by Magdalena and she offered to teach us how to do something similar.

Magdalena's class was more relaxed which was just what we needed at the end of a busy day of crafting. She had made up lots of samples and with each one contained copies of the pattern. That way whichever one we chose to work on we would be able to see what it should look like in the end. As all the patterns were done in the form of charts she also had sheets describing what each of the symbols meant. She also brought along a basket filled with crochet cotton. Each ball was just enough to do one of the samples and came in spring colours.

On each of the info sheets describing the samples there was also an indication of difficult of the piece. As a result many of us chose this one which was listed as easiest (although Magdalena was very encouraging in getting us to try some of the more difficult ones).

You can see Elaine here working on the easier pattern (it turns out it is easier because there is less counting involved).

None of us finished by the time we left although a large number had started an attempt. I was able to finish mine when I got home and I think Elaine has just about finished hers too. It has certainly made me think that maybe I could try more complex crochet. Thanks Magda!

I am sure there will be more photo's of people having tried some of the craft day lessons. So watch out for that. Also there will more than likely be another craft day later in the year. In the meantime we have actual Gartmore to look forward to followed by Donna's baby shower.

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