Saturday, 17 March 2012

Gartmore at Home Day Part1 - Finishes

Well, our Gartmore at home day is over sadly. However, we had lots of fun and I have a lot of photo's to post (as usual). For a change I thought the first post would be of finished projects brought along. This quilt is one of Val's. I took a close up so that you can see the detail of the leaves. Very effective and absolutely stunning. The leaf design is also on the other side.

This beautiful quilt is for Val's charity, Linus. Linus makes quilts for sick children and Val is one of the coordinators. The quilts from her area go to Yorkhill Hospital. This quilt is beautifully done in a building block style. Love the bright colours which I am sure will be much loved by the child who receives it.

Caroline brought along a scarf she finished knitting for her mum for mother's day. Her mum admired her purple scarf in the same yarn and so Caroline picked out colours her mum would like. Looks very effective. It's a pity you can't see some of the sparkly gold which runs through it.

Magdalena has taken up a new craft. Whilst everyone was having their lunch she managed to create these beautiful ear-rings.

Next few posts is going to be about the classes we had that were taught to us by some wonderful ladies. So watch this space!

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