Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Gartmore at Home Part 4 - Scrapbooking Memories With Anthea

The first class after lunch was a scrapbooking class from Anthea (told you it didn't involve needles). There are a few scrapbookers in the group but Anthea is a rep for a stamping company and often teaches cardmaking workshops. Anthea started off by showing everyone how to use various equipment.

She then showed everyone how to layer the papers that she had given out in the kits and then how to decorate those pages. She talked about position of the photography and how you can place objects on top of the photograph. She also suggested that you could create a space to write a little about the photo.

Anthea had brought along one of her own scrapbooks so that everyone had something to get inspiration from. You can see Helen, Elaine, Alison, Caroline and Donna looking through it.

Everyone was asked to bring along a 6x4 black and white photo to use. The reason being that it is easier for the kits to match the black and white images than if everyone had brought along colour. You can see Zuzanna here trying to decide which papers to use with the help of her mum.

Helen isn't new to scrapbooking as many of you probably know and she was straight in to cutting the papers.

Isabel lays her kit out and decides where to begin.

Zuzanna has already put hers together and is onto using stamps to create lettering. Helen is giving her a hand.

Magdalena had a fantastic photo which she shoes to Roberta's sister, Mary.

Anthea talks to Elaine and Linda on how to use some of the equipment.

Roberta layering up her photo.

Zuzanna was the first to finish. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with the papers and the end result looks fantastic. The lovely photo had been taken that very morning.

Linda also soon had a finish. A lovely mother-daughter page (ideal since it was mothers day the next day). The photo was from some professional photo's Linda had taken with her daughter.

Helen is very keen on her family history and has created a scrapbook for investigating it. This is going to be one of those pages. She has even left a space to write a little bit about Aunt Nellie.

Alison used a photo of her little friend Alix, Roberta's great granddaughter. She created this lovely page which has a lacy effect thanks to some punches. She didn't have a black and white photo but the colours in this one fits in perfectly.

A completely different take on the kit from Caroline. She brought in a photo of some elephants from when she was in India. The colours fit into the theme perfectly and so does the punch cut outs.

Isabel had forgotten to bring along some photo's. Luckily she always carries some photo's around with her of her grandchildren. These particular images were from the youngest's 1st birthday. Again the colours matched perfectly. Love the use of layering with the punches.

Last but not least we have teachers finished page. Anthea had used a photo of her daughter baking with her gran. She was the only one brave enough to layer the letters on top of the photo. Looks very effective.

Hopefully we will get some more photo's of finishes from others. I know Magdalena took hers home to finish and she plans on using the rest of the papers in her kit to make another page.

Tomorrow will be the last update from our craft day. This one will involve hooks with the lovely Magdalena.

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