Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Craft Day Prep!

Anthea has been addicted to crochet of late and has completed one or two projects in the last few weeks. These two lovely blankets were made for her little girls dolls/teddies. I have to confess that the first one is my favourite. I love the wavy pattern. She has been working on a large crochet blanket since then.

  Poor Elaine has been working on this lovely jumper for the last few weeks. The pattern is beautiful and the yarn is unusual. Sadly in the end it went to her daughter. Her daughter was pleased but I don't think Elaine was. Elaine spent Tuesday getting her materials ready for Saturday.

Alison finished stitching this lovely card for her mum for Mother's Day. She was determined to have some stitching finished to show to everyone. She spent Tuesday working on her birds cross stitch which is getting there.

I used up the sprinkles yarn and knitted these four chicks. I spent the rest of Tuesday working on some Easter socks for my sister.

Elizabeth is one of our newer members. I don't think I have introduced her here yet. She is an avid knitter. She finished knitting these two lovely chicks for her grandchildren. Instead of the sprinkles yarn she used snowflake which looks just as effective.

We also had some craft day preparation going on. Izzi brought along fabric and her cutting board so that everyone can get ready for her class on Saturday. Which means Gartmore at home is finally here. We love our craft days and we have all been looking forward to this one. If anybody new wants to come along this would be the perfect time to meet our group. We will be in the management suite at the Glasgow Fort from 10am - 5pm. Just let security know you are there for the group when you buzz in then come up and see us.

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