Saturday, 24 March 2012

Teddy Bears and New Members!

We have quite a few finishes to show off. First of all Freya has been busy. She brought along this beautiful card that she made after seeing a demonstration at the craft fair. I would have thought she had been making cards for years looking at it. She also brought along two decoupage dogs. They were very much admired with the group, particularly the Scotty. She actually has several finished projects but is only going to bring a few along every week. Can't wait to see what else she has been up to.

Her mum, Rhona, has also been busy. She finished this beautiful stripey jumper The yarn is cotton and it only went onto the pins a couple of weeks ago.

 Remember this?

Rhona has up-sized Izzi's original pattern. Makes for a fabulous knitting bag. She even lined it with a towel.

We also have a few new members. Kathleen is one of the newest who came along for the first time on Tuesday. She has just begun to learn to crochet. She crocheted these two lovely hats just from watching youtube videos. I thought that was impressive.

After some nagging Stephanie finally brought along a cushion she finished a while back (she brought it along the one week I wasn't there). She has been learning to do Japanese folded patchwork from Val and this is her first piece. I love the pattern created by the squares. She is now working on a bag with the same method.

Alison was working on this on Tuesday as it was a Mothers day present (her mum is visiting this weekend). The material of the scarf is lovely. The scarf is actually being held together by what is meant to be a belt buckle. Donna had brought them along on the off chance that someone might use them. Alison did but not in the way she was expecting. Works perfectly though.

I told you that we would have more finishes from the craft day. It's all been Sashiko kits just now. The first one was by Alison and the second by me. The red was stitched by Margaret. Although she wasn't there on Saturday I was able to show her how to do it Saturday night.

Margaret also finished some more of the Easter Chicks. I wonder how many others will be knitting them before Easter.

Last but not least she also managed to knit four teddy bears in the space of a week. She bought the book initially to knit the second bear, the knitter. In the end though she also knitted the Christmas bear for herself, the bumble bea for her youngest daughter and the strawberry bear for me.

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