Sunday, 18 March 2012

Gartmore At Home Part 2 - Lessons from Izzi

Izzi was once again giving us a sewing lesson. This time it involved cute little bags. If you saw the update from Tuesday you will have seen everyone preparing their fabric. Saturday was spent putting it together. First up was Zuzanna (turns out we have been spelling her name wrong - sorry). She was Izzi's best pupil of the day and her sewing was extremely neat.

 Linda sewing her bag together.

 Anthea using a stencil to prepare her fabric.

 Unfortunately a bit of ironing is always needed when sewing seems (doesn't take long though and you end up with something pretty).

 Helen and Linda sew their bags together

 I would bet Stephanie wouldn't be smiling like this doing a normal ironing.

 Isabel makes a start on her bag.

 Zuzanna with her first little bag.

 Elaine managed to finish two

 Roberta with her finished bag. Ideal for holding little chocolate eggs.

 Isabel finishes her bag before moving on to the next lesson.

 As my mum (Margaret) sadly had to work, Stephanie made a bag for her. My mum was well chuffed.

Once she had finished making her little bag Linda made a larger one for her shoebox charity. One of these bags was made by Linda and the other made by Izzi. The fact that they can't tell who did which is a sign of a good teacher.

Poor Izzi spent all day teaching everyone to make these bags. Wasn't able to join in any classes and was barely able to have some lunch. Think next time Izzi should get a day off so that she can enjoy doing something new. Thank you Izzi, we appreciated your time and effort.

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