Monday, 10 September 2012

A Night Mainly For The Stitchers!

Last Tuesday was almost a night of entirely stitching finishes. Impressive ones too (not that the ladies finishes are anything but impressive). Before I get to that though I just want to say a thank you to Roberta's church. You might remember all those jumpers everyone knitted that were going away to an orphanage in Africa. Well as a thank you the organiser has set up a collection in the church to help Linda with the shoe box charity. How lovely is that? Very much appreciated, thank you.

 First stitching finish is this amazing quilt HAND stitched (sorry had to emphasise the hand stitched part) by Magdalena. Most of you will know that she had planned to make a quilt for each of her children and we have seen a few of them already. This one is for her oldest son who requested red, black and white. She found it difficult to find material that would be suitable for a boy. I have to admit the times I have looked at fabric not much has stood out as particularly boyish. She managed it though and it looks lovely. Her son clearly loves it since he was using it before it was even finished.

Izzi has also been working away. If you remember the red bag she made a while ago she wasn't quite happy with the size. So she has now created a larger bag with a zip. I love the quilted effect of the bag. Plus it is the perfect size to hold a project which indeed this was carrying.

Margaret has finished her Christmas cross stitch scene. This kit was donated to the group from Roberta who was having a clear out. Not one to say no to anything Christmas related (or with lots of the colour red) Margaret snapped it up and has been working on it between other projects. The frame matches perfectly as it's speckled appearance gives it a festive feel.

I have also been doing some stitching. I finished my camper van and stitched it into a cushion. The fabric at the back is just as brightly orange as the stitching on the front. It's been a running joke that for a while it looked like I was stitching orange elephants. Can safely say it doesn't now.

Rhona also had a stitching finish. This lovely tapestry has been stitched into a small pillow. I love the scene of the boat. The colours are just lovely. The blue of the river just sets it off.

As I said it wasn't all stitching. Rhona actually had some knitting finishes too. The first was one of those never ending scarfs. It looks so cozy and will come in handy in the winter. Plus love the colour and the cables. The cardigan she knitted for Freya (who was to shy to model it for us). Again I love the colours.

I remember the first project I photographed from Caroline was a wee set of ice skates. She is back to knitting them again. I just love them, so cute and the paper clips make a perfect ice skating blade. Sadly my camera seems to hate purple as the laces are much brighter than the photograph. They also sparkle.

Believe it or not there are 50 hats in each of these bags for the Big Knit. I was going to take them all out but they have to be bagged like this before sending them away and I couldn't face squashing them all in there again. It still looks impressive though and we have Caroline and her mum to thank for these.

Caroline has also been busy making some unusual hats. Everyone loved the cupcake. I did like that one but I fell in love with the tea pot!

Margaret knitted another 50 hats which puts her firmly in the lead of the most knitted competition.

Janet knitted some for us too. Love the stripes and matching pom poms.

Last but not least, Roberta also had some for us. Spot the little beret's at the front?

I have been meaning to count what everyone has done so far for the last few weeks but kept forgetting. Well I have finally remembered. So far we have 629 hats. I am actually astounded that we have so many. Well done ladies. The ones I have at home have all been bagged up ready to go.

Speaking of charities, I have been meaning to mention the results of the Strawberry Tea organised by Lyn and Hobbycraft. They managed to raise £534 for breast cancer. Very well done!

Lastly, I gave everyone information last week about our 5th anniversary celebrations which included a challenge. If anyone hasn't got this let me know.

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