Sunday, 16 September 2012

Diversity and New Members!

Tuesday there was another night for different crafts. Elaine brought a finish along that we never had before. She made beaded tie-backs for her curtains. They look very glam and are just a little bit different.

Freya finished some cross stitch that she has been working on the last few weeks. She stitched this lovely cupcake which was much admired by the rest of the group. She then used some pretty card to set it off in it's frame. I have to say Freya will try her hand at just about any craft.

Margaret finished another Christmas cross stitch design. She stitched this snowman card for her mother. The snowmen are of course cute but the beads just set it off.

We had some knitting finishes too. Helen finished knitting these very pretty socks for a friend. I love the colours in them. If they look slightly longer than usual to you that's because they are. Helen purposely made them longer as her friend needs them long to protect her skin. Will be nice and cosy in the winter too.

I also had a knitting finish. This is once again the scarf pattern that Helen first brought to our attention. Used with sock yarn I have knitted this for my sister's Christmas.

Of course we still have the Big Knit going on (Tuesday coming is the last night). These hats were knitted by Stephanie. The beaded hats are a favourite in the group.

Lyn knitted these ones for us. I like the Strawberry.

These ones were knitted by Roberta. She used a tip from someone else and made the pom poms with a fork. I quite like the effect.

June also knitted us some hats but I didn't get the chance to take a photo I'm afraid. That brings out total so far to over 700. Margaret is still well in the lead for the most knitted competition. However, the most unusual hat knitted will be a harder one to judge. This coming Tuesday is the last day so I will give the final total and the winners then.

The knitted hats weren't the only excitement. We had a total of FOUR new member along (for a few this was their second visit). So welcome everyone! So glad our little group is always growing.

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