Monday, 3 September 2012

Odds 'N' Ends Challenge!

I promised I would post this years challenge and here it is. The purpose of the challenge was that everyone should use only left over craft supplies to produce something. As always there were two categories, adapted and original. We also had a junior category for the first time. Here are all the entries;

Margaret called this Beach party. She used up lots of left over yarn and stuffing to create these lovely bunnies. The surf board and the thongs where a favourite among the judges. The pattern is by Alan Dart and Margaret has been meaning to knit some of these bunnies for a long time now.

This was Isabel's entry who is currently visiting her grandkids in LA. To make this scarf she used only donated yarn. Most of it was handed in by the group with some from her sister. She was inspired by scarves she saw on holiday which were beautiful but pricey. The yarn she used was lace weight so she combined the yarns to give the scarf a lovely soft texture. She then added the border from a crochet book.

This entry was by myself. I have knitted more socks than I can count over the years and I had  been left with a lot of scraps that I didn't want to throw away. So I used them to make granny squares. The white border was also 4 ply yarn but this came from various baby projects which failed miserably. I had wanted to make a blanket but in the end I only had enough which to do the cushion.

Stephanie is famous for her little dolls so it came as no surprise when they made an appearance for this challenge. She used up left overs to create three fantastic outfits. She also knitted the entire bassinet. Her children are all fighting over who gets to keep it and you can't blame them.

Roberta put her granny square skills to work to make this lovely blanket. Everyone was impressed by the use of different square sizes to make up the blanket. Then of course the addition of the border just sets the whole thing off. I personally love all the colours that went into it.

This beautiful bag was Magdalena's entry. She used lots of bright colours which was left over from various projects. She used crochet too and made these lovely squares which came together to form a bag. The strap was also done in crochet. Love the black used as a border which sets the whole thing off.

It took encouragement from her daughter for Rhona to put this entry in. She made this bag for Freya so that she can keep her room tidy. She stitched it herself and added the lovely embroidered, Scottish motifs.

Zuzanna was part of our junior category. She has been wanting to learn to crochet and her mum suggested that she practice her chain stitch until they are tidy. She did and she used leftover yarn to do it. In the end she decided to make this picture with all the chains that she had made. She added beads for the flowers in the tree. Definitely original.

Freya also put an entry into our junior category. She got this gold ornament and then decorated it using leftover confetti. This photo really doesn't do it justice and I can imagine it shining away when the sunlight catches it.

All of the challenge entries.

Judges Donna and Helen reading everyone's piece about their entries.

For the original entry first prize went to Magdalena for her beautiful bag. Her daughter has already claimed the bag and so Magdalena is going to shorten the straps for her.

For adapted first prize went to Stephanie. The detail in those dolls was loved by the judges.

On her sheet Stephanie had said feel free to strip the dolls down. Here you can see all the work that went into the Bassinet.

1st prize junior went to Zuzanna for her very original picture. The judges were impressed by the imagination that went into it.

2nd prize junior went to Freya for her beautiful ornament. The judges loved the originality in her entry too and the prettiness of the ornament.

We usually have an overall runner up too. Sadly Isabel wasn't there to claim her prize. I can imagine her reaction. I promise a photo of that when she comes back in two weeks. The judges loved the combination of skills that went into the scarf and the fact that the yarn was not just leftover but donated. I have to say I had to rescue the scarf as there were a number of people who would have liked to have run off with it.

Well done everyone. Once again I am glad that I wasn't judging. Our Magdalena has come up with a fantastic idea for next years challenge which will take place during out 5th anniversary celebrations. Watch this space.

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