Friday, 31 August 2012

First, the Finishes!

Well we had our challenge on Tuesday. We also had some finishes though and I thought I would post those first. Not quite save the best until last since these finishes are amazing (as always). However, I didn't want to post both together in case something got missed.

First off Helen has been quilting again. How lovely is this quilt? You can't see but in the corner she has stitched 'wish upon a star..'. If I could have I would have pinched it when she wasn't looking. Helen was our judge for the challenge. When she wasn't doing that though she was knitting some socks.

Jill has also been busy. She stitched this lovely apple for her mum. Anyone else thinking that this could be the prettiest pin cushion? Love the pinks and greens. She is now working on an owl cross stitch design which I also love.

A week or so ago Izzi had shown Lyn how to crochet onto bangles in order to knit a bag. This is her finish. I love the rainbow colours. A little girl is going to love this bag. Lyn then spent the evening working on hats for the Big Knit.

This scarf was knitted by myself and for myself. Do you recognise it? I fell in love with the scarf Helen knitted a few months ago and voila. My sister also liked it so I spent Tuesday working on one for her (in the hopes that it would prevent her from pinching mine).

We also had a lot of hats given in for the Big knit. I'm afraid I haven't added them up yet but we have breached the 300 mark. I promise to have them added up by the next get together. Just as well I have been keeping note of how many everyone has handed in otherwise I would be there all do. Have filled a box with them already. These particular hats were handed in (in order) by Janice, Margaret, Lyn and Rhona.

Watch out for the challenge post which I will have up in a couple of days!

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