Sunday, 5 August 2012

Knitting For the Big Knit

On Tuesday there were quite a few knitting for the Big Knit. Think there will be a lot of photo's to come. First of all how amazing is this? Caroline adapted another pattern and knitted this ice cream hat. Complete with flake and beaded sprinkles.

Helen did a few pineapples which she got from an online pattern. She also adapted another pattern for this very creepy spider hat. Would give anyone nightmares. Believe it or not the pattern was originally supposed to be a flower but Helen decided it looked more like a spider and voila!

Margaret has knitted a fair few special hats which she has adapted or invented herself. Lots of Christmas themed hats in there. I personally feel sorry for the chick in the back which looks like it has been plucked.

She also knitted some other hats using the basic pattern. Lot of lovely colour combinations in there.

Stephanie has also been knitting away and she has been adding pom poms to hers. She even used some of her fluffy yarn to make those white ones.

I have also been knitting some although not as many as others and certainly nowhere near as inventive. I'm looking forward to seeing what others come up with in the next few weeks.

Izzi has also been working on a charity. She is making these little coin purses to raise money for breast cancer. There is a tea hosted by Hobbycraft where you will be able to purchase them (don't know the details of that yet). Luckily we have Izzi at hand and a number of us purchased them on Tuesday. Hopefully that's a good start to the charity.

 There were other finishes too. Roberta knitted these lovely baby cardigans and jumper. The pink and white have a sparkle to them which is sadly lost in the photo.

Caroline also had a finish. She crocheted this beautifully bright blanket for a friends baby. Love all those bright primary colours.


Valerie said...

Hi, I am a French quilter, living near Paris. My son just graduated from high school and is going to study at the Glasgow University, Scotland. I am going to move him Sept 7th as the fresh week starts. I was wondering if it would be possible to meet some people that week end, so I would feel reassured a little bit knowing that I know someone in case anything happens to him. I am a worried mom and he is the first one to leave the nest! If you could provide me any contacts...
Thank you very much for you help, Valerie

Karen said...

Hi Valerie,

I'm afraid I am back at uni that week too. However, I will send out an email to the group to see if anyone is free to help out.