Sunday, 29 July 2012

Happy Birthday!

We had two birthdays last week. The main one was Elaine who had a big birthday. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me telling how big but I'll keep quiet just in case. Elaine herself makes fabulous cakes which we can all testify to. Her workmates felt that there was no pointing in baking her a cake as they could get Elaine to make her own and it would taste better. So instead they all knitted her a cake and Elaine had to guess who did what. The group thought this was a fantastic idea and we all admired the knitted cakes which Elaine brought along. I'm afraid Elaine only got one right.

This chocolate cake was knitted by Linda who works with Elaine too. How yummy does it look?

Our second birthday girl was Roberta. She finished knitting this cowl for the shoe box charity. It was originally going to be a scarf but Linda stitched it together. Looks quite effective.

Rhona also had a few finishes. She finished the aran waistcoat (which I tried to get her to model but alas no). She also finished this jumper which I love. It's a loose knit and yet still has large cables. It was meant for her older daughter but she didn't like the sleeves.

The last few weeks Freya has brought her sewing box along. On Tuesday she stitched a headband and wristband for her bear. Then she stitched the red dress also for her bear. Guess who's bear is best dressed?

Helen finished knitting one of her scarfs. The marbling effect of the purple yarn is lovely. Helen herself was just happy it was done as the yarn is supposed to be used in two strands which was rather irritating (the yarn came like that).

I can also finally announce our charity this year. We have decided to take part in the Big Knit. I don't know if any of you have seen it but every December Sainsburys sell innocent drinks wearing knitted hats. The knitted hats are sent in by knitter from all over the UK. For every one of these bottles sold 25p goes to Age UK. We have decided to hold a little competition alongside it. A prize for the member who knits the most and a prize for the most inventive. So watch out for all these photo's.

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