Monday, 23 July 2012

Play Time!

I would have posted last week but blogger was playing up. So I decided on a two for one post but then there were no finishes at the last get together.

I can tell you that we have had the pleasure of young Amilie's company the last two weeks. She has been good to us and kept our Isabel out of trouble. You can see them both playing with trains from Thomas and Friends. Last week there was also some singing but I was made to delete the video I took of that one. It's a shame as it would have been our second youtube video and Isabel's singing debut. The world will never know just how talented she is. In between Isabel also got to work on her bunnies.

Our other Isabel, Izzi, has been working away on her sewing machine. She made this lovely quilted bag. It even has a zip and a pocket inside.

Helen  has again been busy. She knitted these socks and scarf. I love the colourway in the sock yarn. Very effective. Also I am partial to a cable and so very much like the scarf too. Plus the great thing about the scarf is that it is reversible.

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