Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lot of Weeks In One!

Woo hoo, my last catch up post. All up to date. Been a while since I have been able to say that. I do need to apologise though as not all of these photo's were taken by myself and I'm unsure who did what in some of them. First of all look who is back! Our Laura was back with us for Donna's baby shower. She's been away studying as well as working full time.

I love this, so cute!

I love the pattern round the bottom.

How lovely is Helen's scarf? This was a pattern she got from the wool show in Perth. Is is knitted up using sock yarn so that the stripes occur naturally. Very effective.

This lovely cardigan was knitted by Stephanie using the smaller pom pom yarn. She knitted this up as a favour to Hobbycraft. They provided the yarn and Stephanie has knitted it up for them to display.

These lovely blankets were crocheted by Lyn. She did this for a local charity which helps families living in poverty.

This huge blanket was also by Lyn but this one is for herself (and quite right too).

This cute little cross stitch was done by Laura. This was initially a gift from a friend who said they wouldn't mind getting it back once complete. Made us laugh anyway.

Isabel is back to knitting her egg cup bunnies. She is knitting them to raise funds for the Beatson. Quite a few of the knitting group have put their orders in.

Another lovely cross stitch. This time by Julie. I love the colours in this. It also has beads throughout. It's a pity the camera doesn't show them up as it really sets it off.

Last but not least this lovely jumper was knitted by Ally. Again I love the colours. I love how they all come together. Best of all I love that this was knitted up with just one yarn.


Naomi Caffull said...


I love the pink pompom cardigan. Would you be able to send the pattern?


Karen Sime said...

Hi Naomi,

Thank you very much. I'm afraid that due to copyright we can't send you the pattern.