Monday, 2 July 2012

Donna's Baby Shower

I promised to update today and for once I have. I have to admit that I enjoyed looking through these photo's as I was unable to make it. Looks like Donna had a fab time though which is kind of the point. The wee bear in the photo was one of the gifts. This is Charley bear and he was knitted by Caroline. It's maybe a good thing I wasn't there as I might have tried to steal him.

All of Donna's pressies all together.

These amazing cakes were made by a friend of Julie's. They looked amazing and tasted just as good.

Lyn made this lovely green and lemon blanket. I don't know if you can see the little roses which set it off.

This lovely blanket, cardigan and hat, all matching, was knitted by Roberta.

Helen put together one of her famous baby scrap book albums.

Another famous gift, a teething toy made by Magda. Love the red, black and white.

Always handy, a set of baby grows from Fiona.

This beautiful alphabet quilt was made by Izzi.

Isobel gave Donna a favourite of hers, the hooded towel.

June made one of her granny square baby blankets. She also gave a book and a bunny.

This beautiful quilt was made by Val.

Another famous gift, this time from Janette. One of her quilted dogs.

These sleepsuits were from myself as I sadly ran out of time.

This lovely lemon jumper is from Alison along with some baby grows.

Ally knitted up one of her sleeping bags.

Margaret knitted this cardigan with little cat buttons along with matching bootees and hats.

This soft toy was from Rhona and Freya along with bootees, mittens and one of Freya's decoupage animals.

I love this cushion. This was made by Linda. She also gave Donna some bodysuits.

Elaine made this lovely hot water bottle cover along with bootees and a cardigan.

Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh towel was from the lovely Dawn Marie

Margaret from the Sunday group made this lovely cardigan. Whilst Jean gave the teething ring and bottles.

This height chart was beautifully stitched by Aileen.

Last but not least was a card I saw ages ago that I couldn't resist picking up from all of us. Each of the little socks attached to the line is knitted.

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