Sunday, 8 July 2012

Quiet Night

First of all an apology to Jill. I got her name wrong when I said that she did this beautiful cross stitch. Don't know where I got Julie from.

It was a very quiet night last week but a nice one. Everyone was just working on their projects and chatting as usual. Mainly about books. There was a suggestion that we have a quote of the evening but sadly last weeks quote, whilst funny, would have meant I would have had to change access to the blog. It will just have to be a you should have been there moment.

Whilst there were no finishes there was lots going on. Laura was doing some cross stitch and was working on a book mark. Margaret was also doing cross stitch, this was for Christmas. Helen was knitting a scarf using a lovely cable pattern. Rhona was also knitting a scarf using cables but in dark green. Alison was working on her bird cross stitch. Roberta was crocheting a blanket as a favour to the charity shop she works in. Isabel was working on the egg cup bunnies which she is selling for charity. I was also working on some cross stitch, a camper van. There were more projects on the go but sadly that's as far back as my memory will go.

Oh, and for those anxiously waiting, still no news from Donna.

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