Monday, 1 October 2012

There Be Mermaids!

For the last few weeks we have been much admiring Lyn's work on a knitted mermaid. Even without her hair and crown we loved her. So cute! I have to confess that I wanted to take her home with me. You can see her desert island in the background. Plus if you look closely you would be write in thinking that's a bag of knitting sitting up against that tree. This mermaid clearly know how to use up her free time!

Here she is on her own.

Rhona knitted this beautiful cardigan for Freya. Sadly Freya was too shy to model it for us. However, it is lovely. I love the shades of purple and the pattern it creates. I think it accentuates the pattern of the cardigan itself.

I finished knitting these socks for my sister. I wasn't sure of the colours at first but it has since grown on me. You can't really see from the photo but the socks have a spiral pattern to it which I got from a new book.

Roberta brought along these goodies to show us. Her friend makes and sells them. A little baby broach and a hat pencil topper. I love the detail. The baby even has a dummy!

A friend of Magdalena's was having a bit of a clear out. She sent us along bags of baby and dolls clothes she had knitted as well as some balls of yarn. These photo's don't quite show how much is there. Some went out to Roberta's charity shop. Isabel also took some as her friend is having a craft sale for charity.

Oh, and I thought you might want to see this. These are all the hats all bagged up in postage bags. It took three of them. They have probably reached The Big Knit base by now so look out for our hats at the end of November!

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