Monday, 29 October 2012


Apologies for the late post. I'm afraid it's going to be like that whilst on placement. This images on this one is from over a week ago. Worth the wait. First of all this amazing Halloween scene was knitted by Lyn. She did this so that it can be displayed in Hobbycraft but is going straight home with her after Halloween. I had to post some close ups so that you can see the amazing detail that went into it. I particularly like the bats!

Roberta has been busy once again with her Christmas prep. She stitched two more amazing advent calendars so that everyone in her family has one. Then she stitched these Christmas bags using the pattern taught to us by Izzi last year. I am now a proud owner of one of those Christmas bags as Roberta gave one to me.

Margaret has been equally busy with her Christmas prep. She knitted a Christmas cracker decoration and a Christmas pud tree decoration. She knitted the lovely snowman and the snowman garland. A few of us fell in love with the garland so she has said she will knit a few more.

Do you recognise this doll? It's one of Stephanie's handy work. Unlike the others it's not going in her famous box. Instead she donated it to Lyn who is raising money for Children In Need. The idea is to guess the name of the doll. We have all had a turn at guessing her name. However, I think Isabel is the most determined to win. If she doesn't there may be an exchange organised later for one of Stephanie's dolls.

We also had a bit of a demo. Roberta had asked Lyn how to use the acrylic and rubber stamps. Here are some photo's of Lyn showing her how to use them. The good thing about these particular stamps is that you can peel them off the acrylic to give them a wash and use something else on them.

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