Friday, 9 November 2012

3 in 1!

Apologies for the long wait. As I think I mentioned before I am unable to go along to the group or post as regularly as I did. Five more weeks though and all will be back to normal. For now I have three weeks worth of photo's for you. Sadly, since I wasn't there, I can't tell you quite as much about the ladies finished projects as I would like.

First up we have socks finished by Helen. This yarn is by Regia. Helen first spotted Dawn knitting with it. She liked the colours so much she went out and picked it up too (as did I). Looks fabulous knitted up. Sadly the colours look a little washed out in this photo due to the lighting. I promise you they are more vibrant than that.

Stephanie finished another of her famous dolls. She has an outfit all in black with sequence. A glam doll. This one is for Isabel who I am guessing didn't win the competition doll after all. At least she still got one.

This Polar bear was made by Freya. I'm afraid that the photo is a little out of focus. I think this was done with fimo. Either way it looks amazing. Well done Freya!

Janice has been busy preparing for Christmas. She knitted up some little Christmas stockings and some of her famous fairies.

Caroline has been back to stitching bags again. This time with a Christmas theme. Love the festive colours.

Remember those stitched advent calendars? Isabel has decided to have a go. You can see Roberta and Alison lending her a hand here.

This lovely bag was knitted then felted by Jean. Love felting and I love the flowers decorating the bag.

Janice's fairies again but now they have a friend. This is Flat Ben who is visiting from Belaire Pre-school, LA. He has been sent here to his friends gran (Isabel) so that he can see all the sights of Glasgow and have his photograph taken.

Here he is again and he is showing off Isabel's lovely tree decorations!

This beautiful dress was made by Rhona. She made it for her eldest daughters first communion. It's now been altered and passed on to Freya.

Last, but not least, we have Margaret. Here she is with a finished Hitchhiker scarf. This one knitted using regia sock yarn. We can also thank Margaret for all of these photographs and for keeping me updated. Thank you!

Tomorrow is our Christmas craft day. We will have our usual classes and lots of chat. I will be there this time so expect lots of photographs.

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