Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Craft Day Part 3.

This was our impromptu demonstration. Dawn was showing Donna how to use embossing powder when stamping. So of course we all had a look.

First you used a clear ink pad and place the stamp on the card. You then gently sprinkle embossing powder over the wet ink.

Take away the excess powder and you should be left with an image as demonstrated by Dawn.

You then carefully heat the powder until it has a sheen to it.

Voila! One finished stamp with a metallic sheen. I have to confess I always wondered how that was done. Gives it a professional finish.

We also had some sewing lessons. I think you have already seen this one of Isabel being taught by Alison. Izzi was also up there at one point helping Donna and her sister Julie.

Zuzanna also wanted to have a go so Alison gave her a hand as she practiced on some scrap fabric.

This is what Donna and Julie have been working on. I think this is more Julie's project. Donna plans to stitch an advent calendar for baby Abigail.

Freya brought along her decoupage kit and I couldn't resist taking a photo as she worked on it.

 Here Freya is helping to show Zuzanna how to do it.

In between people were working on their own projects. Lots of knitting going on but a few non-knitting projects too. This is Caroline's set up. I was impressed with how organised she is. These are packs she set up so that on the day all she had to do was sew them together.

Izzi has also been working away the last few weeks for a friend. Her friend has a dolls house and previously she stitched a rug for her. Now she is working on a carpet. I had to take a photo because of the intricate details. Would you believe that Izzi hates cross stitch? I can't wait to see it finished.

Just one last post to go, I promise. That one will contain some finishes.

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