Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Craft Day Part 2.

Elaine once again delighted us with her baking. Once again she developed a class where she did the baking and then taught us how to decorate. This meant that no matter what the end result it would still taste good. This time it involved making Christmas tree cookies. This was her prototype but she suggested you could lather the icing on each layer or (if it was runny enough) pour it over the cookie tree to make it look like snow.

Photo of those cookies before we got our hands on them.

Elaine demonstrating layering the cookies.

What tree isn't complete without stars, tinsel and baubles.

Both Izzi and Alison decided to go with a green Christmas tree.

Margaret and Aileen went with the white.

Some finished cookie trees. I think that these ones were done by Izzi and Aileen.

Freya, Janice and Zuzanna had a go too.

Zuzanna with her finished Christmas tree cookie. I can safely say that she did a better job than I did. As talented as her mum.

The second lesson of the afternoon was the napkin folding by Alison. This was the same lesson as last year but not everyone made it along and a some of us needed a reminder.

Elaine following Alison's instructions.

Margaret's finished basket.

There were other lessons going on through out the day. Everyone is very aware of Isabel's amazing little projects. She finds a quick one and latches onto it (and has trouble giving the results away). Her little bunnies and the charity teds are just a couple of examples. When she saw Alison and Roberta's finished advent calendars she thought she would be done in a couple of hours.

However, poor Isabel was made to work.....

.....and work.....

....and it's still not done. Can you tell she's not amused? The end result will be well worth it though.

I have a couple of more posts to do and then I am done. More impromptu demonstrations, some finishes and a few photo's of projects in progress.


Craftyanny said...

I so need to come and join you girls. I've been toying with the idea for over a year and still not made it along:(
Love those biscuits, if only I could bake
Anne x

Karen said...

We would definitely love to have you along. x