Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Craft Day Part 1

It was our annual Christmas craft day on Saturday. Only our second Christmas craft day but I think this will definitely be a yearly event. It wasn't quite as busy as our craft days have been in the past but there were still a lot of people there as you can see. Including a few members who had never been to one of these events before. As usual I will split the day up in parts as there are far too many photo's to post all at once. Even then you will have to head over to our facebook page to see the rest. 

Our first lesson of the morning was from Donna. Despite being a new mum she found the time to prepare a lesson on crocheting Christmas decorations. She made up sheets and samples of the above. The white triangle is from a pattern to crochet Christmas bunting. There is even a snowman design to go on the front of it. However, Donna recommended trying out all sorts to decorate the front such as stitching felt letters to it. Or decorating it with some cross stitch. It doesn't even have to be for Christmas.

Here Donna is helping Margaret who has decided to have a go at the Christmas stocking.

Margaret concentrating on her crochet. This is her first attempt to do something other than the granny square.

Aileen is working on the bunting. She is using some scrap yarn just to practice. She plans on making some bunting with a non-Christmas theme. Something that can be used more often.

I am afraid Elaine was so quick with her crochet I didn't manage to get a photo of her working on it. So instead here is her finished piece. She decided to do the Christmas tree. Looks very effective. It turned out slightly larger because she used double knit but this way it could make Christmas coasters.

This one belongs to me. After a few false starts and some help from Donna I finally managed to make a triangle square for the bunting. The blue yarn was something I grabbed at the last minute but I quite like the colour and might make for a nice wintry theme. Here is hoping I have the time to finish it.

 Here is Margaret's finished stocking. With a little help from Donna she managed very well. Again this is larger than the sample Donna brought because it uses double knit. Just means it can hold more sweets.

We also had a mini member along. You may remember that Aileen had a little girl last year called Olivia. She has grown a fair bit since then and is even walking with a bit of help. Isabel took some time away from her work to walk Olivia round the room. In another post you will see how poor Isabel was made to work.

The last lesson of the morning was continental knitting from Magdalena. Magda's method of knitting uses up far less yarn and less movement. It has intrigues us all since she first came along to the group 5 years ago. Elaine here is being shown how to do it. There were a few more people up for the lesson but sadly they were unable to make it along in the end.

There will be a few more posts to come. They will contain more lessons, impromptu demonstrations and some finishes.

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