Sunday, 24 February 2013

Blankets, blankets everywhere!

Hobbycraft had kindly offered us the use of some space for our group. Sadly, with over 40 members we are too large to use it. However, they are still looking for groups to use their space and it doesn't have to be a knitting group. It can be any sort of craft. They are also will to give their space out to anyone who wants to give a demo of any kind and if you have a craft business it would be the perfect way of advertising. Just contact Hobbycraft at the Glasgow Fort.

This is a two in one post (again, sorry). What we have noticed over the last few weeks is that people have been into creating blankets and we have a fair few blanket finishes. First of all Izzi showed us again how talented she is with this beautifully quilted baby blanket. I love the colours. The white background fabric is actually covered in little white flowers which just adds to the beauty.

Magdalena had been working away on this gorgeous crochet blanket for her eldest son (to go with his matching quilt). Each of these squares were done whilst travelling, either on the train or by car. She says next time she will plan out the squares and crochet theym into strips rather than squares, means less joining. However, when she first started this blanket she didn't know how she wanted it.

This lovely granny square lap blanket was done by Linda. She did this for her shoe box charity as there aren't that many boxes done for older ladies and it's sometimes difficult to think of things to make for them. This blanket will be perfect however. Many of you will know that Dawn recently moved house and she gave Linda her leftover sock yarn rather than throwing it out. This was the end result.

I have to admit I have seen t-shirt quilts around the net but this is the first any of our group have done one. The idea is to take favourite t-shirts and to turn them into a quilt rather than throwing them out when they are done. I have seen it done with concert t-shirts and football shirts. This one was by Janice for her son and she used all his heavy metal shirts. She said that she is pleased with the result but quilting t-shirt material is harder than it looks.

Last but not least on the blanket front is this beautiful one made by Roberta. The centre is one large granny square which is then surrounded by smaller granny sqaures. I love the different colours and how they compliment each other. This is all set off with a beautiful flower in the centre.

Before I go any further I have to congratulate one of our newest members. Swati joined us when we started back after Christmas. She had never done any knitting before but had a pattern picked out that she had wanted to learn. Hardly the easiest of patterns to learn by but with the help of Stephanie, Helen and Janice she managed it. The end result is this lovely snowman. The stitches are unbelievably neat. You would never know this was her first project. Well done Swati!

 If you think back to a few weeks ago I posted a photo of a work in progress by Laura. I took a photo because it was a style of crochet we had never seen at the group before. The end result of the booble crochet is this beautiful scarf.

Fiona who finished her first crochet project not that long ago has finished another. This time she made a hat and scarf set for her partner. He did want a pom pom at the top but Fiona gave up on that. I have to say it looks a lot nicer without.

Before Christmas Stephanie had give Isabel one of her dolls with a black sparkly outfit to match. Isabel has decided that since it is now coming into spring (not that you would know) that she needs a new outfit. Hence a little spring dress, Easter bonnet and egg basket. Since Isabel loves these little project she has already begun another outfit.

Mothers day is coming soon and Alison is the first to finish a mothers day project. This beautiful card is (funnily enough) for her mum. Beautifully stitched and even better, has no dreaded backstitch.

Once again Margaret has been keeping herself out of mischief by working on various projects and so has a lot of finishes. She has a lot of friends in work who are about to become grandparents and so the first two projects are for them. A beautiful hooded jacket and bootee set followed by a lovely pink cardigan. The last one is a toothbrush holder for her younger daughter. This has been promised to her when she first moved out and she is now on flat number 3. Better late than never.

For the last few years people have been contributing to Linda's charity, the Shoe Box appeal. A few weeks ago Linda brought in this certificate which was sent out as a thank you. Thought everyone would like to see it.

Just a reminder that I won't be at the group next time so there will be another gap between posts.

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