Sunday, 10 March 2013

Them Birds!

Knowing that I was going to be away a week I let everyone know to hang on to their finishes until the following week and they did. The one I was anxious about was Alison's birds. I knew this was coming back from the framers the week I was away. Thankfully she also held off bringing it in. I know many of you will remember Alison working on this. A lot of work went into it and it was well worth it. In fact this piece seen us move from Starbucks to the Management Suite. I just wish the photograph could pick up all the tiny pieces of detail. It should be noted that Alison did quite a few other things while this was in progress.

Alison has also been working her way through all those free kits you get with magazines. Here are a couple of Christmas ones she finished. I love the second one on it's hanger. Someone will be organised for Christmas this year anyway.

For the last year Anthea has also been working on a large project. Remember her crochet blanket using up lots of odds and ends last year? That went to one of her daughters and as she has two they wanted one each. Anthea began this granny stripe blanket soon after finishing the first. I took a close up of the stripes so that you can see it in more detail. Like Alison though, Anthea had also worked on other things in between.

Anthea had also finished a crochet knitting bag. It has been lined with some funky fabric and even has a draw string closing. Stops those needles from falling out. I love the fan edging. The inspiration for both Anthea's projects came from a blog loved by many of the group. It's called Attic 24 and is worth a look for the fabulous photographs alone.

Roberta has also been busy. She got the pattern for the brick style blanket from Margaret and had a go herself. She used a smaller yarn size and more colours. The result is very different and very striking. Makes it look more delicate and will be a lovely, spring, baby blanket. She also learnt to crochet this beautiful flower. She has no idea what she is going to do with it now that it is finished. However, she was chuffed she rose to the challenge (rose - get it).

Margaret has once again been busy too. She also finished another of those brick style blankets. This time she used shades of pink making it ideal for a baby girl. The bold pink makes it very striking. You can also see the contrast between hers and Roberta's take on the pattern. It makes you wonder what other colours and methods would do to it. She also finished this cute, white, baby set with little cat buttons and the pink bootees.

Lisa is one of our newer members who joined us just after the new year. She has intrigued us recently as she has been working on a t-shirt rug. You might have seen it round the net, people making rugs from strips of old t-shirts. They are very effective and striking. Lisa bought her t-shirt material online already to work with and this is the end result. The colours are lovely together and it will make a fabulous rug.

Joyce has been with us a while but I don't think I have every posted any of her finishes. She knitted this beautiful wine cosy as a present for a friend. I love this pattern. Another unusual gift idea which is set off by the buttons up the front.

The last of our many finishes comes from Magdalena. Little Zuzanna's first communion is coming up and Magda is determined to make everything for it (we have no doubt whatsoever that she will be successful). She recently finished this beautiful shawl for the day. It looks so delicate but cosy. She got the pattern from ravelry and it's one especially for children. You could even adapt it for older children.

Speaking of Zuzanna. She has been working away too learning new skills. She has already been learning crochet thanks to her talented mum. She now has a few more stitches under her belt as she is learning to make granny squares. She used her favourite colour to practice.

Anthea also has an unusual technique to show us. She is making a blanket for her friends wedding. She found a crochet pattern that actually involves making an aran blanket. Unusual to have aran crochet. Has cables and bobbles. Look forward to seeing how it turns out.

There was also some Gartmore prep going on. As many of you will know we hold classes when at Gartmore. They are just a bit of fun but they really make the weekend. Izzi is going to be giving us the benefits of her wisdom again by showing us how to make bags. This time bags big enough to hold our knitting. On Tuesday she had everyone picking out their fabric and talked them through some of the preparation stages.

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