Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thank You!

First of all I had to show off these thank you cards from Sheena. She took photo's of little Charlotte with her various gifts and made them into cards. She even managed to add decorations and write a paragraph in each. I think from now on Sheena shall be known as supermum. They were gorgeous and very much appreciated.

During the evening Norma had a finish. This is her first finished crochet project. She was very proud of it as she should be. The colours are gorgeous and she even added a fan edging to set it off. First granny square project done - no turning back now.

Swati, our beginner knitter, has also had another finish. She finished this beautiful doll. Love the sparkly yarn. It really sets the doll off.

Jean finished another of her wine cosies. I have to apologies because I am sure I called her Joyce when I showed the photo of the red one. This cover was much admired. How fab would it be not only to get a bottle of wine but to have it decorated by hand.

Isabel is at it again. She is knitting for the Beatson. This time she is knitting the Easter chicks. She is using a different yarn this time which makes the chicks a lot smaller and extra soft. With the chicks so far she has raised £80.

Isabel has also been back to updating Daisy's wardrobe. Another spring outfit this time in purple. She even has a purple scarf. As Isabel had just lost her own knitted scarf (this is the umpteenth) we hope that Daisy manages to keep hers. There might just be a summer outfit coming up but Isabel is really looking forward to making her some Christmas outfits.

 Donna has just had her first go at quilting a blanket. She made this lovely Thomas quilt from a kit she bought at the craft fair. She stitched it up very quickly and is all ready for a friends little boy. It hasn't been shared on our facebook page yet as the little boys mum might see it. As soon as I get the okay I promise to post it there too.

We also have another craft to show off. Fi was having a go at felting. I'm sure it's not the first time she has tried it as she seemed to be an expert. It was the first time we had seen it though. Look forward to seeing the end result.

Elaine and Linda made a trip to West Kilbride. There is a yarn shop there called mchattie. They got to chatting to the owners and told them about our group. The result is that if we ever make a trip out there they would kindly offer us a table for the afternoon. They are also more than willing to come along one Tuesday night to show and sell us some of their yarns. It sounds like they have a lot of nice yarns. You can visit their website at You can also follow them on facebook, just search mchattie. If any of you would like one of their business cards I have some and will bring them along.

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