Monday, 8 April 2013

A Whole Lot of Sewing!

Apologies for not posting last week. It means you are a week late in seeing this gorgeous snow scene stitched by Jill. She had to pinch it back from the person she made it for just so she could bring it along and show us. Glad that she did. Jill is now working on a beautiful wall hanging.

If I had posted when I should have, other than Jill's gorgeous finish, it would have been the Karen show. As you can see I had quite a few finishes. All but one of them are for my sister. The keyring went to my mum

On Tuesday there Freya showed us an unusual craft. She has taken up sugar craft. This pretty fondant doll actually contains a creme egg! Looks so good it would be a shame to eat it.

Lyn brought these knitted flowers along. Yes, that's right, she knitted them from lace. The same lace she used to make her hedgehogs. These were being sold over the Easter weekend at Hobbycraft.

This beautifully decorated cake was one of the raffle prizes. Donna was the proud owner of this cake. We were all in awe of it. Linda also won a gorgeous bracelet. As a result Lyn and the Hobbycraft team raised £796 for Together for Short Lives.

We had a new member along on Tuesday too. Her name is Fran and she mainly does cross stitch. She was stitching a beautiful wood scene. We loved the magnet attached to her stitching which stopped her from losing her scissors or needle.

Izzi continued with her bag making lessons. The ladies were busy making the handles for their bags. The above is the work of Janice, Margaret and Helen!

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