Saturday, 20 April 2013

Baby Showers!

In the five years we have been running we have had a total of 8 baby showers. There must be something in the water. As you would have seen yesterday Magdalena's was our first.

This was followed not much later by Louise who had a beautiful baby boy. Louise is no longer able to come along to the group due to work commitments but she does still keep in touch.

In our second home Magdalena had her second baby shower. This one was for little Jan.

Ellen was the manager for Starbucks at the Fort and she gave allowed us to use some of their space when Borders closed down. As a thank you for all the trouble she went to we had a baby shower for her.

Annee then provided us with our third home when we outgrew our space in Starbucks. We have been there about three years now and we love it. She was the first baby shower in the management suite. You might be interested to know that Annee is also a crafter. She had a gorgeous little girl.

Aileen joined the group back when we were in Borders so she knew what to expect from the baby showers and loved being spoiled. Aileen had a beautiful little girl too.

Donna is another knitting group veteran and she was also looking forward to her baby shower. She had a lovely little girl too.

Sheena is sister to Aileen and has just moved back to Glasgow after some time away. She was our first baby shower of this year (no signs of more to come yet). Sheena has kept up the girl momentum with little Charlotte who was born only a few months ago.

Everyone loves the baby showers as it gives people the opportunity to knit baby clothes. In the beginning we always knew who we were knitting for but the last few babies have been surprises. I doubt that Sheena's baby shower will be the last one we hold.

Look out for tomorrow's post as I plan to show some more events.


AnneeApple said...

5 years! OMG.. that is crazy and all the lovely babies! Let's hope they are all little crafters too.

I loved my baby shower and felt totally overwhelmed with gifts, I've never had so much kindness showered upon me and my bump.. thank you to you all x

Karen said...

I know, it's hard to believe. I am sure they will be. We must have had some sort of affect on them, lol.

Aww, the truth is we get just as much out of the baby showers. Glad you enjoyed it though. x